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World Cup Qatar 2022

world cup 2022
world cup 2022!
world cup qatar 2022

Ralspeed Ltd are helping to improve the infrastructure in QATAR in readiness for the 2022 world cup.

Ralspeed have designed and built an automatic power transfer panel which switches the power input from one source to another in the event of failure. The panel shown is one of many units supplied for the LASAIL EXPRESSWAY EXTENSION project. Along with the transfer panel Ralspeed also supplied multiple Torq-master soft starter panels which are controlling pumps in de-watering wells.

The Torq-master soft starter manufactured solely by Ralspeed Ltd is now in its third generation of development and many new features have been added to give greater flexibility for the user, these include:
  •    USB port for uploading and downloading configuration menus and for downloading the 1000 event log. This inbuilt data logger shows every stop/start, any faults and the lowest voltage and highest current during starting.
  •  Earth leakage detection 30mA to 100mA adjustable.
  • 24-hour time clock with 10 positions so the user can set start/stop times.
  • Run down timer, meaning the user can set a specific run time for a process.
  • Wide ranging overload capabilities meaning one panel can cover many sizes of motor, the overload setting can be from the keypad or from a selector switch.

The Torq-master soft starter provides smooth torque controlled starting, for any AC induction motor - please contact for more information.

Ralspeed Ltd are also a premium Partner and service centre for DANFOSS DRIVES

22nd January 2019, 9:51
  • VersiStart Range
  • IP54 Soft Starters 22Kw to 90Kw
  • Danfoss Vacon 10 Compact 0.25kW-5.5kW
  • Torq-Master Soft Starter With Fitted Bypass Contactor 75-110kW
  • 3 Pole Contactor 11kW - 15kW
  • Danfoss Vacon 100 GP 0.75kW-160kW
  • Variable Speed Drive Panel 185-200kW for Hire
Page updated 22nd Jan 2019, 09:53
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