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The Container

container stages number 1
container stages number 2 and 3
container 1

This is Ralspeed very own Container Story. Below is the stages in which our container was created for the customised job throughout a number of weeks!

STAGE 1 - Over the next few weeks Ralspeed will be installing special equipment in this container. This is because one of our major customers has won a large de-watering contract in London. The equipment includes a unique automatic power transfer system that selects between two different power sources thus avoiding downtime in the event of mains failure. Also housed in the same container are several control panels with Ralspeed’s own manufactured wide-ranging overload unit (WOL3K) with the following features: • Overload protection with selectable curves. • Earth leakage protection with adjustable range 30mA to 200mA. • Under load protection. • Overload pre-alarm. • PTC thermistor circuit. • User can set overload over a 10:1 range. • Hard wired emergency stop input. • 4 configurable digital inputs • 1000 event data log. • USB port for uploading and downloading data. 

STAGE 2 -  The container is now taking shape, with the electrical containment including cabling, lighting and 63Amp power sockets. The empty enclosure performing the distribution has been fixed in position, and the backplate is currently being laid out ready for wiring! Stay tuned for Phase 3 - More updates coming soon.

STAGE 3 -  The container is now full with all the relevant equipment for the dewatering job! This Includes.... Picture 1 - Auto Mains Failure with a distribution switch between the mains and generator. Picture 2 - 5 - 4 way 1 - 5.5KW starter panels are spread around the container. Picture 3 - 63amp spin sockets which feed the 1 - 5.5KW starter panels.

STAGE 4 - The container is now fully kitted out and ready for its final testing before we end the week! This container has been customised and the end result is perfect for what our customer wanted! Customisation is a speciality of Ralspeed!


For any of your De-Watering needs contact or alternatively ring 01254582345


14th March 2019, 14:23
  • VersiStart Range
  • Torq-Master Soft Starter With Fitted Bypass Contactor 75-110kW
  • Danfoss Vacon 100 GP 0.75kW-160kW
  • IP54 Soft Starters 22Kw to 90Kw
  • Variable Speed Drive Panel 185-200kW for Hire
  • 3 Pole Contactor 11kW - 15kW
  • Danfoss Vacon 10 Compact 0.25kW-5.5kW
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