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Ralpeed Motor Starters - The Long-Term Option

Soft Start Collection

One of the major considerations of any business it that it runs as cost-effectively as possible. Part of this drive towards cost-effectiveness means that motors must be allowed to have the longest and most efficient possible life - this is facilitated by Ralspeed and our quality selection of motor starters.

The soft starters and variable speed drives we supply are guaranteed to offer many years of low-maintenance, unhindered service though sometimes, when the demands placed on the soft starter have been particularly great, problems can occur. A complex and delicately-balanced system that can generally withstand the demands made upon it, twin-panels with doubly integral soft starters are particularly susceptible to damage when overused.

Technicians at Ralspeed were recently presented with a failed soft starter which we immediately examined in order to identify the cause of the failure and offer a suitable replacement. Upon examination, we found that the soft starter was one of our own models from way back in 1991, more than twenty years previous. This showed just how well our soft starters function over many years, only showing such a slight and easily-remedied problem after such an extended period of time.

Supplied to meet every bespoke requirement, our bespoke soft starters for sale and hire are guaranteed to dramatically expand the life of any motor they are applied to. Full data sheets are instantly available and bypass contactors can also be supplied by our expert control gear company.

For more information on the variable/AC drives and soft starters supplied by Ralspeed, please call 01254 582345 or email us at

26th November 2014, 5:57
  • Torq-Master Soft Starter With Fitted Bypass Contactor 75-110kW
  • 3 Pole Contactor 11kW - 15kW
  • VersiStart Range
  • IP54 Soft Starters 22Kw to 90Kw
  • Variable Speed Drive Panel 185-200kW for Hire
  • Danfoss Vacon 100 GP 0.75kW-160kW
  • Danfoss Vacon 10 Compact 0.25kW-5.5kW
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