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Quarrying is an essential process that extracts from the earth a wide variety of useful rocks, minerals and other materials for use in thousands of necessary applications. It is, therefore, a matter of extreme urgency when any of the complex pieces of machinery used in quarrying break down, causing severe disruption to the quarry's vital work.

Ralspeed were recently contacted by Hayley's, an industrial supplies company located in Glasgow acting on behalf of a busy quarry. Jim Connor, Glasgow Branch Manager at Hayley's, got in touch with us after a 150kW PV Series Omron inverter failed on a piece of quarrying machinery, rendering the exhaust fan inoperable. As Jim has used our service several times in the past, he was confident that we would be able to help in allowing the quarry to quickly resume its normal functioning.

Jim's confidence was well-placed, as we were able to send out a replacement variable speed drive on the same day as the breakdown occurred, vastly minimising the quarry's costly and disruptive downtime. The faulty unit was sent off for repairs and our hire unit acted in its place for a fortnight while these repairs were carried out; the customer was very pleased at both the Ralspeed drive's high quality and speed of delivery.

The variable speed drive panel hired for this important project was the 75-160kW model, which offers complete control and protection within those parameters. Perfectly suited to both indoor and outdoor applications, the drive is supported by a rigid and freestanding frame and is protected by a clasped lockable door and rain canopy. Full versatility and control is integral to the unit, with the incorporation of ultrasonic level/float switch control, a digital display, a remote/local selector switch and a handy lifting hook.

We pride ourselves on being able to assist quickly in the event of machinery failure. Our hire fleet, which is comprehensive and highly-maintained, is rapidly available anywhere in the country at a consistently competitive price.

For more information on our range of soft starters, variable speed drives and control gear, please contact the Ralspeed team on 01254 582345 or email at sales@ralspeed.com.

6th May 2014, 10:36
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