ISO 9001 - The Quality Assurance Standard

In order to ensure our levels of product quality and customer service remain consistently high, Ralspeed carry out an ISO 9001:2008 quality survey each year. This involves distributing a questionnaire to our top 100 customers before collecting, analysing and publishing the results.

The modern idea of formalised quality assurance began in the Ministry of Defence (MoD), whose sensitive operations required the use of products of superlative quality. The MoD required that any company supplying it must write a detailed procedure for inspection before ensuring that its employees carried out the published procedure in all exactness. Incredibly successful at ensuring the provision of high-quality products and services, the idea began to spread beyond military applications until, in 1966, the UK government launched a campaign for reliability and quality, led by the slogan "Quality is everyone's business".

It soon became clear that standardisation was required as businesses were being assessed by many different customers and by a variety of criteria. By 1971, the very first UK quality assurance standard BS 9000 was published, quickly followed by further guidelines which set out a shift in the duty of inspection from customer to supplier and created a generic standard for all businesses. Further standards followed and, in 1987, the ISO system was put into place, evolving continually through several revisions; the last of these revisions was in 2008 and this remains the current standard.

Our questionnaire is divided into two parts, the first of which is multiple choice and measures your level of satisfaction with our products and services on a simple scale of 1 (totally satisfied) to 7 (totally unsatisfied). Areas we ask about include our competence, speed, efficiency, courtesy, reliability and accuracy in dealing with orders, enquiries and faults.

The second part of the questionnaire asks for more particular details in your experience with Ralspeed. We ask which products you have bought or hired and for your comments on the service; if there is anything at all, however small, that you feel could be improved upon, this is your chance to let us know and help us to optimise our service in the future.

The closing date for all questionnaires will be 26th April 2013 and the document can be returned to us via email, fax or post. For further information, please contact the Ralspeed team on 01254 582345 or email

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  • Vacon 100 GP 0.75kW-160kW
  • VersiStart Range
  • Variable Speed Drive Panel 185-200kW for Hire
  • 3 Pole Contactor 11kW - 15kW
  • Torq-Master Soft Starter With Fitted Bypass Contactor 75-110kW
  • IP54 Soft Starters 22Kw to 90Kw
  • Vacon 10 Compact 0.25kW-5.5kW
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